What should your exhibition stand look like? Here are design tips from us, event organisers (a.k.a the experts)

by ROAR B2B on September 8, 2021

Whether you have a large stand or a small one…Here’s ROAR B2B’s top tips for getting your message across and designing the space you have.

Watch our short video and read below!


1) Clearly say what your company does
If you brand isn’t known you’ll only get half a second from the visitor to scan your stand and see if its what they are looking for – make it count

2) Keep messaging large, brief and above waist height
Ensure that all of your key messages are easily viewable by placing them higher than 3 to 4 feet. Display your logo in different areas of the stand to reinforce your brand. Keep your message simple and pared down to a select few impactful headlines printed in large, readable font.

3) Don’t forget empty and negative space
While you don’t want your stand to be sparse, keep it clean and inviting. Negative space should be present within your graphics. The overall rule of thumb for stands is that they should contain 40% empty space. This helps ensure that they aren’t overpowering your message or burying your brand in too many visuals.

4) Ensure good resolution and formatting for images
Trade show displays require high-resolution images and properly formatted graphics. Otherwise, you risk having pixelated, blurry or stretched items on your printed materials.

5) Keep your brand consistent from top to bottom
Design your stand with consistent branding throughout the entire area. From images to giveaways, your brand’s theme needs to be consistent and on point

6) Understand graphical real estate
There are key areas of your stand that are visually more important than others. For example, the back wall is the focal point for most small to mid-sized stands. You should put your most important design element, message and logo there…

7) Use the right colours
The psychology of colours is complex with people drawn to different colours for different reasons. The ones you choose for your display can help you stand out. Cooler colours like green, blue and white appear professional, but can lack impact. Warmer colours like red, orange and yellow are more engaging, yet need to be used sparingly.

8) Make it interactive
Using interactive activities to draw people in is great as attendees love to participate in trade show games or competitions. But remember they might not be the specific type of attendee you are looking for so if possible try and have something relevant to them

9) The element of surprise
If you really want to grab people’s attention, put something that doesn’t belong in the centre of your stand. Whatever it is try, aim to inspire wonder, amusement or — best of all — a must-know response within the consumer that encourages them to come inside and engage with your brand.

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