CDM Regulations

Each exhibitor must read the site rules before coming onsite. It is a condition of the Venue and Roar B2B Exhibitions that you fully understand your onsite responsibilities. The Site Rules below are in addition to the specific site rules relating to this event:

  • Vehicle access into the halls and or a CDM site has to be approved by the Venue/Principal Contractor (organiser) for the event.
  • Remember the speed limit in the halls is 5MPH.
  • Plant and Site vehicles (including forklifts, pickers, and site vehicles) may only be driven by appointed contractors who have supplied a relevant in date licence.
  • Compliance with the Venue Traffic rules at all times
  • All forklift and vehicle movement within the halls and outside the halls, that is directly linked to an event must be co-ordinated and managed safely by the Principal Contractor (organiser) of the event.
  • Emergency gangways should be maintained to allow cleaning tractors, forklift movement and emergency access/egress at all times. Emergency gangways must be clearly identified and communicated to all personnel working within the halls/CDM site
  • Compliance with Site Rules, eGuide, H & S legislation, Covid19 All Secure Framework and CDM regulations is required at all times
  • Only authorised access is permitted into the exhibition halls. All personnel working within a CDM site must be inducted and informed of the Site Rules.
  • Appropriate management and safe methods of working at height is required at all times
  • All personnel are required to wear high visibility clothing and appropriate footwear during event build up and breakdown periods.
  • PPE. You must bring the appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing with you, on site, to do your job before you start work– including appropriate footwear. This equipment will be worn without fail when required.
  • All Hot Work requires a hot work permit from the venue
  • All contractor accidents, incidents & near misses must be reported immediately to the organiser
  • Work tidy – Maintain good housekeeping at all times and dispose of all waste in an appropriate manner
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only allowed in designated smoking areas
  • Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed on site during the build-up and breakdown.
  • The venue has access to all CDM sites at all times
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