Last month we opened the Naidex, UK Care Week and Neuro Expo at the NEC in Birmingham with a crew of staff helping to make sure everything ran without a hitch. After a few weeks to calm down and reflect, we spoke to some of the team working o nthe event for their first-hand account of their personal experience, the result?

“Absolutely knackered! Intense but so enjoyable with all the team work and drive to build a successful show” – Lee De La Rue Browne

“The 2022 healthcare shows had a real buzz as communities united for an educational and emotional two days. I was reminded of the impact of the work we do at ROAR, and how it improves people’s lives.” – Jake Henry

“This edition of UK Care Week was a huge turning point for the event itself and the care industry as a whole. The buzz before, during and after the event is unlike we have seen before and I am truly thankful to all who had an input in putting the event together. So many clients have been thanking us for running the event and that it was high quality.” –  Steve Todd

“My favourite part of Naidex was seeing people reach the top of the climbing wall, especially when they initially thought it wasn’t possible!” – Sephi Fawcett

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first time at Naidex. It was so rewarding to see the event come together and meet all of the brilliant speakers and attendees. The event really brings a community together and the buzz surrounding it was more than I could have imagined.” – Olivia Pagett

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